Wednesday, March 30, 2011


sdih nya i.. ntah la knp.. ada something yg m'gnggu i.. YA ALLAH what happen 2 me?? why i'm like this??  sdih sgt bla org yg kta da anggap cm fmily sndri org yg kta syg, tpu kta.. i thought i was the luckiest girl who had a friend like dia.. :-( but suddenly i realised that one day i will feel this way.. i wonder why dia lied 2 me?? i kwn dia is it??  but why?? GOD!! i don't know what should i do.. i really can't stop think about this.. help me!!!!! i don't like bla my friends lie 2 me.. it's not fair 4 me being lied!
another memory in my life >_0

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hey korg..thanx coz sudi komen entry aimi nie.. hihi hope enjoy^^v