Sunday, April 3, 2011

HELP! :-(

npa yaeh ngan i nie?? npa?! i still g t'ingt about that thing..hem npa xbleh jak i lpa kn bnda 2?? i s'p2tnya lpa kn jak! i really miss "dia" but i can't 4get about what he have done 2 me..! i am hurt.. :( i don't know if i can face "dia" anymore..npa yeah "dia" snggp wat i gnie?? i kwn dia!! smp hti nya...  :( so sad...i xtau la kalo i t'jmp ngan "dia" nnt i bleh mesra g cm dlu @ x!
another memory in my life >_0

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hey korg..thanx coz sudi komen entry aimi nie.. hihi hope enjoy^^v